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What is CrossFit?

Defined simply, it is constantly-varied, high-intensity, functional movements. All that means is, it's always something different, it's always as hard as you make it for yourself, and it's designed to make your body better at moving the way it was designed to move.

It's fun, it's different than your 60-minutes on the treadmill, and it's all done in a supportive, energetic community of people with common goals and varied levels of fitness and experience. It's nothing you can understand from reading a Web site...so click here to get started and see what the buzz is about! You'll be glad you did.

We are a network of three CrossFit affiliates, located in Gahanna, Hilliard and Lewis Center, OH. Each has their own personality...be sure to visit us all!

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Looking for our youth martial arts program? Click here.

Upcoming events

Free Self Defense for Women: Saturday May 3, 11:45 am all locations