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"Though I can't seem to find the right words, I want to express my sincere appreciation to the entire OKM staff. Sending Hannah off on her own [to college] with a few months of Krav and CrossFit really helped her, I believe, but definitely helped me to feel like I've done all I could to prepare her for what comes next. Thank you very, very much." —Andy C. (dad of college freshman)


"Krav Maga has changed our lives, my kids walk confidently with their heads held high, they used to be so insecure and meek. They are different kids now and Krav has done that, they are dedicated to health and fitness. And they have made so many friends at Krav (even tho they are adult friends), I even started doing the lesson at home, so I'm getting fit as well, thankful all!" —Nancy D. (mom of 15 and 12 year old boys)


"First, let me say that the initial 2+ hours that I spent at Ohio Krav Maga in Gahanna has changed my life forever! I now realize what it is to feel truly free and safe. Yes, I was a victim of a horrible crime and I am thankful to be alive. But I have been living a life of fear and anxiety for 13 years. I believe that fate brought me to Ohio Krav Maga that rainy Saturday morning. It was absolutely one of the hardest things that I have forced myself to ever do...face my fears one-on-one, and re-enact the crime itself. The moment I walked in the doors at Krav Maga Gahanna, I felt different. Safe may be an accurate description, but still anxiety was lingering in the background. The instructors taught me on that day, May 1, 2010, that it is possible to overcome my fears and to live an open and free life. Every day I am able to explore further outside of the box that I have safely placed myself in. I think about those 2+ hours I spent at Ohio Krav Maga daily. And, I look forward to the next time I walk through the doors that have forever changed my life. I will forever be grateful to the instructors for spending their time to help me." —Patti T.









Upcoming events

Free Self Defense for Women: First Saturday of every month, 11:45 am Gahanna and Lewis Center